About Multibeat Creative

“Adding value to your media endeavors – communicating in rich, abundant creativity with top-class attention to detail.”

Multibeat Creative is a company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, owned/operated by Karl Mohr, expanding with added personnel as project needs require, servicing the local community as well as markets in Canada and worldwide via the internet.

The core services provided by Multibeat are: music mastering, music mixing, creative music services including film composition and songwriting, special effects sound design and sound editing for picture, all aspects of audio postproduction including re-recording mixing for all media. The full scope of Multibeat services can be found on our Professional Services page.

Karl Mohr

Born 1971, Karl Mohr is a Canadian sound editor/sound designer/composer for film and new media. He works extensively in digital audio manipulation with workstations, sampling, audio recycling, DSP processes and mastering tools – recording gestured performances of digitally-altered organic sound in sync with motion picture and modern media. His library of collected and created sounds is impressive. His focus, from 1996-2012, has been on sound design for giant screen IMAX films with Toronto-based Thillaye Productions; his credits and awards are extensive. As a composer, his music has forged unique territory, often combining textures and processes from his sound design work. As a sonic sculptor, his work in music mastering and fine music mixing are exquisite. For examples of his work, please visit Multibeat’s Completed Projects.

Colleagues & Partners

Karl Mohr works with others to form modular creative team clusters as project requirements expand. For instance, video support comes from director/DOP Steven Cerritos, DOP/photographer Gillian Williamson, and DOP Marijus Svirskas. The list of talent includes associated composers, sound editors and wide array of voiceover/instrumental talent.

What’s With The Name?

In 1997, Karl Mohr wrote a track called “Multibeat Space Dance”. While in Austria in 2001, he had a rear-view mirror glimpse of Canadian electronica and decided to start a small experimental record label, which he called Multibeat Records. Later, in 2005, he launched his own music publishing company and chose the name Multibeat Music, which remains his registered Ontario business name. In 2012, with the addition of video production services to the roster, Multibeat Music became re-branded as Multibeat Creative.  (Multibeat Records was re-branded as Tape Life Records in 2015.)

Technical Specifications

Please call to discuss any questions/concerns about our specs.


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