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Project Archive

This is a list of sound design projects completed by Thillaye Productions – IMAX-format unless otherwise noted.

Wonders of the Arctic
Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
Flight of the Butterflies
Wildfires! A Firefighting Adventure in 4D
Rocky Mountain Express
Rescue 3D
Born To Be Wild 3D
Legends of Flight
Hubble 3D
The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D
Under the Sea 3D
Journey to Mecca
Satisfaction: The Life and Times of Michael Cohl (TV documentary)
Mysteries of the Great Lakes
All Hat (feature film)
Future is Wild (animated TV series)
Finn on the Fly (feature film)
Deep Sea 3D
Jane and the Dragon (animated TV series)
Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag
NASCAR: the IMAX Experience
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
Straight Up! Adventures in Vertical Flight
Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees
Space Station 3D
China: The Panda Adventure (IMAX)
Cyberworld 3D
Great North
Wildfire : The Ride (70 mm)
Wildfire: Feel the Heat
Mark Twain’s America 3D
SuperSpeedway : The Ride (70 mm)
The Hidden Dimension (IMAX 3D PSE)
Survival Island
L5: First City in Space (IMAX 3D PSE)
Across the Sea of Time (IMAX 3D PSE)
Destiny in Space
Fires of Kuwait
Flight of the Aquanaut
The Rolling Stones – At the Max
Into the Deep (IMAX 3D PSE)
The Secret of Life on Earth
Mountain Gorillas
Echoes of the Sun
The Last Buffalo 3D
The Cry of Reason: Beyers Naude – An Afrikaner Speaks Out (documentary)
One Magic Christmas (feature film)
Heavy Metal (feature film)
Renaldo and Clara (feature film)
The Man Who Skied Down Everest (documentary film)

Awards & Nominations

These sound design projects completed by Thillaye Productions were nominated for, or won, an award – IMAX-format unless otherwise noted:

Nominated – “Best Sound Editing: Special Venue” at the 2014 MPSE 61st Annual Golden Reel Awards

Flight of the Butterflies
Winner – Grand Teton Award in the category of Best Immersive 3D/Large Format at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Flight of the Butterflies
Winner – “Best Sound Design” at the GSCA 2013 Achievement Awards

Rocky Mountain Express
Winner – “Best Sound Editing: Special Venue” at the 2012 MPSE 59th Annual Golden Reel Awards

The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D
Winner – June 01, 2011 – Documentary Arts and Culture category at Yorkton Film Festival (Canada’s first and longest running film festival)

Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta
Winner – 2008 “Prix du public” at La Geode Film Festival, Paris
Winner – “Best Sound Editing: Special Venue” at the 2009 MPSE Golden Reel Awards
Winner – “Best Sound Design” at the GSCA 2009 Achievement Awards

Mysteries of the Great Lakes
Nominated – 2008 MPSE Golden Reel Award – “Best Sound Editing – Special Venue”

Deep Sea 3D
Winner – 2007 MPSE Golden Reel Award – “Best Sound Edting – Special Venue”
Winner – 2006 Wildscreen Panda Award “Best Large Format”
Winner – 2006 GSCA Award “Special Achievement in Film” Howard Hall
Winner – 2005 GSCA Award “Best Film”

Jane and the Dragon (animated TV series)
Nominated – 2006 Gemini Award
Winner – 2006 Banff World Television Award

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag
Nominated – 2007 MPSE Golden Reel Award – “Best Sound Edting – Special Venue”
Winner – 2005 LFCA Award “Best of Festival”

Nascar: the IMAX Experience 3D
Winner – 2004 MPSE Golden Reel Award – “Best Sound Edting – Special Venue”
Winner – 2004 GSTA Award – “Best Sound”

Space Station 3D
Winner – 2002 GSTA Award “Best Film”

Fires of Kuwait
Nominated – 1993 Academy Award

One Magic Christmas (feature film)
Winner – Genie – 1986 – “Best Sound Editing”

Heavy Metal (feature film)
Winner – Genie – 1982 – “Best Sound Editing”

Thillaye Productions – About Us

Thillaye Productions Inc. is the sound editing company owned and operated by Peter Thillaye – a pioneer in the field of multi-channel sound design and binaural recording.

A band of dedicated freelancers working as sound recordists, sound editors, sound designers, mixers, foley artists and administrators comprises the full team, delivering richly detailed and compelling sound environments for motion pictures, from television to the giant screen to special installations.

Thillaye Productions springs to life on a per-project basis with crews ranging from one to ten people. With this flexibility, working on projects of differing scale and budget is possible.

Creative Talents

Some of the people Peter Thillaye has worked with closely over the past twenty years include: Michael O’Farrell, Alan Geldart, Bruno Degazio, Sue Conley, Leon Johnson and Michel Bordeleau.

Peter Thillaye’s core Toronto team of award-winning sound editors includes: Ed Douglas, Lan Tran, Chris Miller, Sue Fawcett, Karl Mohr, with foley by Andy Malcolm and his impressive crew at Footsteps Post-production Sound Inc.

Location sound recordists include: Chris Miller, Tom McMurtry and Thierry Morlaas-Lurbe.

Picture editor: Tom McMurtry.

Mixing talent includes Thillaye in-house premixing maestro Ed Douglas as well as industry talents Cory Mandel, Don White, Gavin Fernades, Andrew Tay and Keith Elliott.

Thillaye often extends his reach over the Québec border to form collaborations with Michel Bordeleau‘s Montréal team, Les Productions Audio-FX.

Some of the key IMAX directors and producers Thillaye has worked with include: Stephen Low, Toni Myers, Judy Carroll, Howard Hall, Diane Roberts, David Douglas, David Lickley & Drew Fellman.

Body of Work

The Thillaye Productions library of internationally-recorded location sound and custom-cooked sound design work comprises a staggering collection of digital archives.

With an emphasis on the use of samplers for organic, fluid, dynamic sound experiences, and a dedication to geographic, historical, cultural and technological accuracy, many of the films Peter Thillaye has edited and supervised have won numerous awards.

Thillaye Productions has experimented with and developed some leading-edge audio technologies for IMAX film, including PSE, mixing techniques for IMAX six-channel, IMAX Ride experiences, as well as numerous successful attempts to more-accurately record astronauts and NASA communications.

Thillaye Productions One-Sheet

Download a printer-friendly PDF of our one-sheet outlining our accomplishments.

Visit Peter Thillaye’s IMDB listing for a list of completed projects.

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Resources & Links

As a provider of sound for the giant screen, Thillaye Productions keeps an eye on these sites: IMAX, Big Movie Zone, EuroMax and GSCA.

Some gear-related web sites that Thillaye Productions recommends: Soundfield, Ambisonics info, Avid, Waves, Logic and Kurzweil.

Some facilities and partners in Toronto: Les Productions Audio-FX, Technicolor Toronto – Sound Post Production and Footsteps Post-production Sound Inc..