Pro Tools MIDI offsets

Understanding MIDI Track Offsets in Pro Tools

here we explore the methods of testing your system for delay compensation / latency in MIDI Track Offsets.  Global vs Individual tracks.  How to build a working system you can rely on. pg 657 and 941 in the manual i should note that i AM using the video engine and i AM running video through […]

Very broken Mac

Digital Audio Interfaces, Drivers and Compatibility with OSX 10.9 Mavericks

PLEASE NOTE: this is my own independent research, so please verify with trusted sources. Please send any corrections/additions to my contact email. Last update: 150215-1100. I’ve started a list of current digital audio interface drivers and their currently supported Apple operating systems, including OSX Mavericks. Digital Audio Interfaces – Currently-Supported Avid third generation Mbox Family […]