Current Projects

Multibeat Creative is the professional hub of Karl Mohr. With a rich knowledge of many areas of audio and music and technology, his best known work are his sound design, sound editing and audio postproduction contributions to multichannel IMAX films.

As of late, Mohr is focusing on helping people get the most out of their music projects. He has two main services in this regard: first, his fine-mixing and mastering services prepare music for interface with the public: exquisite fidelity is tested to adhere to the most demanding technical specifications. Second, he helps singers (and voiceover actors) connect with their ideal expression through his Hot Pipes program. This is vocal recording/engineering/production intersecting with vocal coaching and also examines aesthetic, compositional and even spiritual motivations. Chasing their ‘magic take’, every performer works to achieve the technically-best and truest-to-heart delivery – Mohr is a conduit for dynamic, expressive, project-appropriate expression and is relentless in achieving technical perfection. Quite often Mohr’s two disciplines combine, with an incoming near-completed music project undergoing some additional production work, an immaculate vocal or instrumental performance developed and recorded, which is then incorporated into the production, some additional mixing and analog summing, with a polished master finally emerging after some days of sonic rumination and tweaking. Each project requires its own evaluation and custom quote. See the testimonials section for the success stories.

Working from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, all Multibeat services are offered to the international market.  Mohr works from his own studio, or with local studios in the Greater Toronto Area, or will locate to anywhere a project may require. Sound better with Multibeat.

A previous projects list and Karl Mohr’s CV are available under Completed Projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • upcoming | new literary podcast | Multibeat Creative will handle: recording of podcast and literary readings, dialog editing, podcast mixing, podcast mastering and preparation for the delivery platforms
  • upcoming | new album from Johnny Hollow | Multibeat Creative will be providing music mixing, music mastering, possibly also music production & instrumental performing

Current Projects

  • current | new album development from Double Eyelid | Multibeat Creative has been providing: music production, vocal recording, vocal production, instrumental performing, music mixing, music mastering
  • ongoing | Out Adventures Podcast | sound supervisor, assistant engineer,

Recently Completed

  • current | new album from Johnny Hollow | Multibeat Creative will be providing music mixing, music mastering, possibly also music production & instrumental performing
  • 2017/10/01 | new EP from Toronto band L’Autre Dame | production, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/20 |  two new singles by Jay Draper, frontman of Toronto band The Scarlet Fever | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/01 | Cinemuskoka 2017 – Muskoka’s Inaugural World Film Festival | cinematic sound design DJ on outdoor stage
  • 2017/08/22 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, award nomination: Best Soundscape for sound design by Thillaye Productions
  • 2017/08/20 | promotional video for Playing With Fire glassblowing studio | video production and direction, video editing, voice recording, music composition, audio postproduction
  • 2017/08/15 | Alicia Cinnamon‘s album Queen Of The North | vocal recording, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/08/01 | Brian Asha single “You And Me Baby” | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/05/26 | Brian Asha single “Livin’ For Saturday feat. Alicia Cinnamon” | music production, vocal recording, instrumental performance, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/04/15 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | sound editing, prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)
  • 2017/03/06 | The Trolley That Saves the World, The Stephen Low Company | sound editing, special sound design, panning and prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)

Ongoing Activity

  • remastering/releasing of music catalog on Tape Life Records label; the first album is now available
  • developing signature sampler libraries in Kontakt

Project Archive

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