Services: Music Mastering

Your curves are always gorgeous with Multibeat Creative.

Take your music to the world with confidence!

Your mixes will consistently shine and impress with professional quality mastering to exacting industry standards. Play that music in your living room, in a limousine, at a restaurant and thrill to the relief of hearing your music sound good EVERYWHERE.

Music can always be more perfect and polished towards public release – it’s the painful truth. (Even on the crustiest punk or grime.) The game is to make these improvements without losing energy, spirit or intent.

  • Mastering music and audio for CD, vinyl, film/video, broadcast, internet.
  • Experience with all genres of music.
  • Accredited audio professional.
  • PLEASE CALL FOR RATES/song basic rate
  • PLEASE CALL FOR RATES/album bulk rate – SPECIAL.
  • Other bulk discounts are available.
  • Free evaluation of your songs beforehand – important for quoting.
  • Samples during the process.
  • I work closely with the artist throughout and request reference music.

The bottom line is that you can easily get your EP mastered for $500 locally – sit down for an in-studio session and bang out an EP in a few hours. I take a different approach than most – I often spend upwards of 20-30 hours per song, working in isolation, with rigorous testing against references and meters and on multiple setups/rooms. I offer rounds of feedback for tweaking fixes – the tracks need to be bulletproof and world-class. I compete with quality rather than cost. I understand the great investment of time and often money that goes into a project, and so my aim is to treat every microsecond of the program with love and care. Currently $170/song is the very lowest I can charge for this passion. I would tell anyone that care in mastering their song is worth the cost of throwing a party. You’ve spent solid efforts on your work and my challenge is to exceed commercial standards.

Contact Me

Please contact me via email first and we’ll set up a listening session!

Music Mastering – How It Works

Bring your music in for a free evaluation, we’ll look at how it sounds and what it might need to go to final. I take a 50% deposit up front. As the mastering work unfolds, you will get samples to evaluate on your own. When everyone involved has agreed that it is a gorgeous, mastered product, files are delivered to the manufacturer and/or a pre-master CD-R is generated. I take final 50% payment on delivery of the master.

I realize that mastering is a painful, but necessary, cost to the artist – and I spend countless hours tweaking, monitoring, checking (including field trips) to make sure your record sounds great.

I specialize in the warm, organic and “analog”-sounding treatment of electronic and digital productions. I master all genres of music and multimedia – in many formats.

I have the technical knowledge about frequency/amplitude relationships that gives Multibeat the edge.

Music Mastering – Before/After Examples

HTML5 music player coming soon.

Multibeat Music – Mastering Credits

Some clients that Multibeat has mastered over the years:

  • Hawksley Workman
  • Ruth Cassie
  • Sarah Jerrom
  • Matthew Maaskant
  • Cryptomnesia
  • Laugh Out Loud
  • Best Friends With Wolves Club
  • Konsorten
  • Istvan Kantor
  • Vialka
  • Kristin Dalziel
  • Releveler – many vinyl & CD releases
  • Jazmine Morningstar
  • Theatre Ov Idiots
  • Minefield – vinyl & CD
  • Blue Mars
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Ingrown
  • Soviet Radio
  • Synthetic Dream Foundation
  • Spectre VII
  • Soy Futura
  • Drums and Machines – many CDs & film sound
  • Misty Pratt
  • Gunz & Burnz
  • Ephemeral Green
  • Rachel Thomas Smith
  • Landscape Body Machine
  • Me Boss Inc. (hypnosis CD)
  • Ray Mulry (relaxation therapy CD)
  • Double Eyelid
  • Lighthouse
  • Johnny Hollow
  • Brian West
  • (Blue Visions)
  • (Spannhaken)
  • (Droid Charge)
  • (Dead Red Velvet)