Now – What is Karl Mohr currently doing?

Here’s what I’m up to at the moment.

  • overall mode: getting organized on all fronts, regrouping, making plans, building – will emerge 6-12 months with some intense results on the creative front.
  • work status: manageable — will start looking for new projects starting end of Feb 2016.
  • main work: sound designer/sound editor with Thillaye Productions on a big Disney IMAX film, the details of which I cannot disclose!  Some heavy EDL/timecode math underway.
  • night-shift work: I am mixing/mastering the pop songs of Brian Asha.
  • my record label, Tape Life Records: am prepping 20 albums of my own back catalog for remaster/rerelease and rebuilding the album art as well.  It’s been an intense spiritual journey that began in 1987.
  • my music: I rereleased my crazy Christmas album on my SoundCloud channel over the holidays, to the delight of many, but to my own chagrin.
  • personal: I moved to Belleville, ON last June and am attempting to live here automobile-free, with only a bicycle. It is winter now; the challenging phase has begun.
  • personal: I’m exploring the idea of home-ownership in a smaller community after many years in larger cities.
  • personal: I’m riding that line between not exercising, and taking off on a full-blown health tangent.
  • personal: recovering from the relaxing month of December, which I spent in Martorell, Spain with my sweetheart.  Taking time off means playing catch-up later.
  • reading: David J’s book about the Bauhaus legacy, Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
  • generally feeling: kind of amazing, actually! Something shifted, and life is taking off again!

Derek Sivers’ Now project inspired this page, which is different than my short-term work timeline which is published here.  It can be nice to remind oneself that life is more than just work.  Right now it’s:  2016/01/17 @ 17:04