Professional Services

Multibeat Creative is prioritizing services that are most suited to our lust for life. Our core services are: Video Production, Audio Postproduction, Special FX Sound Design, Voice Talent, Music Mastering and Creative Music Services.

The primary goal is to be able to provide a one-stop shop for the audio and music side of film, video and videogames creation.  In addition, if the client needs a video product, writing or organization of their production, Multibeat can be there to see the project from concept to final and on to dissemination.

We are living in a time where enormous corporate structures and outrageous costs need not get in the way of elegant execution of brilliant ideas.

Video Production

With the recent addition of video production services, Multibeat Music has grown beyond audio and music services into Multibeat Creative. Working with filmmaker Steven Cerritos, Karl Mohr is assertively producing short-length, professional-quality videos for businesses and organizations.

Videos have recently been completed for Playing With Fire glassblowing workshops, Toronto’s famous Terminal Barbershop locations I and II, and Today Is Magical theta healing.

Core Services

With a deep involvement in film composing, sound editing and multichannel special effects sound design for the IMAX screen, Multibeat Creative is poised to handle the total sound, music, post-production experience on your motion picture, interactive project, videogame or advertisement. Recently working in conjunction with Webidiotz/Agency2Video, Multibeat got serious with its roster of voice talent.

Music Mastering

Karl Mohr continues his deep abiding relationship with music mastering. He recently finished a mix/master job for longtime client Drums And Machines (Halifax) on their latest album, New Wild West. He is testing the waters with Matthew Maaskant and is working on the next Johnny Hollow album.

Hot Pipes – Your Personal Journey as a Vocalist

Karl Mohr works with singers on getting to the core of their singer-being to deliver the most genuine song and performance within themselves. He also works in vocal production. In this capacity, he is all of: technician, coach, teacher, producer. If you want to sing better on your records, get in touch with Karl.

To hear some of the work Karl has done with singers, check out Chantal Thompson’s performances on the tracks “Surely We” and “Desert Land” on his Blue Visions album. You can also hear some interesting vocal work that Karl coached on Collider by The Scarlet Fever, Seven Years by Double Eyelid and his work with Brian Asha, such as his macho-a-gogo bravado on “I’m A Man“.

Audio Postproduction Geek Services

Pro Tools HD + Keyboard Maestro + FileMaker Pro Advanced + the biggest nightmares in the audio postproduction chain … who is going to sort this out?  Karl Mohr has 22 years’ experience in untangling film math, managing audio conforms between picture versions, extricating meaning from jumbled EDLs, and sleuthing camera rolls for sync audio.  If you need a tool — like foot control of your DAW, or a database to sort out your shots — Multibeat can get you sorted.

Additional Services

If the video we create for you needs a home on the internet, we have the web design, programming, social networking skills to take care of the total expression of your brand. Multibeat also provides a number of other audio-postproduction services such as audio-transcription, format-conversion and database organization.


Very often, work is done out of house at other studios, and equipment is also rented on a per-need basis.  Some of the standard equipment in house:

  • Ramsa (Panasonic) WR-T820 mixing console with meter bridge (upgrades by Ike Zimbel)
  • Euphonix mix control – MC Transport, MC Mix (16 channels)
  • Mackie MCU Pro mix control
  • SOTA (State Of The Art) studio monitors
  • Mackie HR824 near-field monitors
  • Yamaha MSP-5 near-field monitors
  • Yamaha RX-595, NAD 7130 amplifiers
  • Vestax PMC50A mixing controller
  • Apogee Ensemble
  • Digidesign MBox 2 Pro (x3)
  • Joe Meek British Channel VC6Q
  • TL Audio EQ-1 dual valve equaliser (upgrades by Glen Gummerson)
  • Lexicon MFX-1 reverb/multi-effects
  • ART headphone preamp
  • Korg ToneWorks tuner
  • AudioTechnica 4033
  • AKG C3000
  • Sennheiser e902, e905, e614 (2)
  • AKG D19C
  • Shure SM58 (2)
  • Mac Pro 4,1 quad-core cheesegrater, El Capitan, Pro Tools HD 12, Logic Pro X
  • Mac Pro 6,1 6-core vader helmet, High Sierra
  • MacBook Pro 5,2 core 2 duo, Pro Tools HD 10
  • Digidesign MIDI I/O
  • Yamaha P-60 digital piano
  • Novation ReMOTE ZeRO SL
  • Novation ReMOTE 25SL mk1
  • Novation ReMOTE 61SL mk2
  • Novation Nocturn
  • Peavey PC-1600
  • Native Instruments Maschine Mk2
  • Sony Bravia HD projector with cinema perf Da-Lite screen