Professional Services

Being talented, wide-eyed and restless requires great discipline. Multibeat Creative has honed in on four main areas of service. For secondary offerings please see our Additional Services page.

  1. Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master
  2. Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take
  3. Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote
  4. Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master

Multibeat has no interest in changing your ideas, composition or even your creative mix. Creativity is the big time suck and frankly someone else can have it. Multibeat has worked like that in the past, and now our aim really is to shine up existing mix schemes and pre-master finals into gleaming gems, ready for the various formats and platforms of the world.

Really, the terms mix, re-mix and remix do not apply here. We take your existing leveled stems and simply shine. We allow the existing elements to speak more efficiently or effectively. This can be on the mix level, the mastering-from-stems level, or the mastering-from-final level. You want to take your creations in Maschine, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or other DAWs and have them polished up for the world. That’s where we shine. Ask us for references and please review our rate sheet which includes multi-song discounts.

Karl Mohr continues his deep abiding relationship with music mastering. He recently finished a mix/master job for longtime client Drums And Machines (Halifax) on their latest album, New Wild West. He is testing the waters with Matthew Maaskant and is working on the next Johnny Hollow album.

Hot Pipes Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

Hot Pipes™ – Your Personal Journey as a Vocalist.

Karl Mohr works with singers on getting to the core of their singer-being to deliver the most genuine song and performance within themselves. He also works in vocal production. In this capacity, he is all of: technician, coach, teacher, producer. If you want to sing better on your records, get in touch with Karl.

To hear some of the work Karl has done with singers, check out Chantal Thompson’s performances on the tracks “Surely We” and “Desert Land” on his Blue Visions album. You can also hear some interesting vocal work that Karl coached on Collider by The Scarlet Fever, Seven Years by Double Eyelid and his work with Brian Asha, such as his macho-a-gogo bravado on “I’m A Man“.

Karl Mohr takes his experience in music production, engineering, editing and working with singers and applies it to your song project – from the very reasons for your vocal expression in the first place, all the way to the final leveling of the perfect take

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

After so much experience in the world of film dialog, recording and editing, it’s the perfect fit to record multi-channel podcast performances, edit them into a proper show. And build up the brand with custom-composed music and sound effects. You’ll sound like the pros whether you record in a relaxed round-table environment with Multibeat, at a professional studio in the Toronto area or whether the technical setup comes to you. Ask for references on our previous work.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

The meat and potatoes of Karl Mohr’s working life has been special FX sound design for film. Mohr is a member of the DGC and has been a sound effects juror. He has no problem settling into the role of whatever needs doing: sound assistant, additional sound editor, main sound editor, team leader or sound supervisor for a project. Priority is always given to productions that are making a positive difference in the world such as documentaries.

With a deep involvement in film composing, sound editing and multichannel special effects sound design for the IMAX screen, Multibeat Creative is poised to handle the total sound, music, post-production experience on your motion picture, interactive project, videogame or advertisement. Recently working in conjunction with Webidiotz/Agency2Video, Multibeat got serious with its roster of voice talent.


Please refer to the Multibeat Creative rate sheet, and contact us to receive a written estimate on your next project.