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Karl Mohr activating Vegas-mode on the Control 24 at Thillaye Productions, Toronto.

Multibeat Creative – Links & Resources

This extended list of links of Multibeat/Karl Mohr is a work in progress: a list of all the domains maintained by Multibeat Creative as well as some links to local businesses within walking distance of Multibeat Studio.


These are some of the fine feathered folks Karl Mohr has worked with over the years:

Multibeat Creative has provided music, audio post, voiceover, web development, various services to: Johnny Hollow, Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Jerrom, Isadora Records, Hawksley Workman, Brian West, Double Eyelid, Ruth Cassie, The Stephen Low Company, IMAX Space Team, SK Films, and many more.


Here is a list of companies that Karl Mohr works in and around:

Multibeat Creative has worked alongside: Steven Cerritos, Thillaye Productions, Neotech Concepts, Footsteps Postproduction Sound Inc., Technicolor Toronto Audio Post, IMAX, Daniel Hewett, and many more.

Sustenance in the Vicinity of Multibeat Creative Studio

When you come to record at Multibeat, you’ll need some serious fuel:

Restaurants near Multibeat: The Beet, vegan/vegetarian/healthy; Cool Hand of a Girl, local/organic/healthy; North of Bombay, Indian; Vesuvio, Italian; The Purple Onion, dubious diner; Phil’s Espresso Bar, coffee and pastries; Crema Coffee Co. (Dundas St W location), cafĂ©.

Groceries and alcohol near Multibeat: The Sweet Potato, natural foods, organic grocery store; NoFrills, grocery store; Bunner’s, vegan/gluten-free bake shop; The Beer Store, nearest beer; LCBO – Stockyards, nearest wine, liquor, beer; LCBO – Roncesvalles, fairly close wine, liquor, beer.

Nightlife in the Vicinity of Multibeat Creative Studio

When Multibeat calls last call, the party continues:

Places to party near Multibeat – check out 3030 Dundas West, Margret on Dundas and Celts Pub/Devil’s Cellar.

Multibeat Universe

Karl Mohr is Multibeat. Here’s how Multibeat plays out across the internet:

Multibeat is the professional web portal of sound designer and music composer Karl Mohr.

Multibeat Music is a sound and music Ontario-registered business based in the Junction Triangle district of Toronto, Canada, specializing in music mastering and audio postproduction & sound editing for film, video, television, games.

Multibeat Records is an independent record label in Toronto, Canada, specializing in experimental electronic music: specifically, the music catalog of Karl Mohr.

Dead Red Velvet is a darkwave, dark electronic, neo-cabaret, future ragtime, art-influenced gothic rock music project, founded in 2010 by producer Karl Mohr in Toronto, Canada.

Full Moon Film is a goth rock and darkwave album released in 2010 by the Toronto band Dead Red Velvet.

Spannhaken is Karl Mohr’s industrial-inspired, machine-core techno music project which delivers rigorous high-tempo, metal-tech psychic-stamina experiments, and is associated with remixing and DJ culture.

Blue Visions Chill House is the collaboration of music producer Karl Mohr with guest artists – smooth, refreshing chill house, deep house, beach house, chillout, and ambient music. The Blue Visions brand is commercial chill house music, perfect for the dancefloor or taking to the beach on a summer vacation. is a web blog dedicated to chill house, deep house, beach house, chillout, progressive jazzy house and ambient music: music from Canada and around the world. is a website (still in the planning stages) offering custom-crafted sampler sounds by Karl Mohr, with an emphasis on layouts for the Haken Continuum fingerboard controller. is a website (still in the planning stages) which directs traffic to the Haken Continuum official site, and offering custom-crafted sampler sounds by Karl Mohr along the way. and are redirects for Spannhaken misspellings.

The domain name is for sale. Droid Charge was an incredible name for a music project until Samsung ruined it with a telephone. Someone should really profit from this premium domain name.