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Broadcast-Level Professional Podcast Production (this link should go to Podcast Budget Examples) – Record at pro studios or we come to you to record, with top class editing and mixing services. Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

After so much experience in the world of film dialog, recording and editing, it’s the perfect fit to record multi-channel podcast performances, edit them into a proper show. And build up the brand with custom-composed music and sound effects. You’ll sound like the pros whether you record in a relaxed round-table environment with Multibeat, at a professional studio in the Toronto area or whether the technical setup comes to you. Ask for references on our previous work.

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

People have really taken to the podcasting medium – it offers an engaging listener platform for content, whether informative, commercial, info-mercial, or just plain fun. The barriers to putting together a budget podcast are very low; taking it to the next level with a professional recording studio environment frees up the talent to focus on what matters most: a compelling performance and dynamic, interesting content. Multibeat can host a podcast session in-house, help book a studio appropriate to the podcast’s level and budget, and be present as a technical producer and engineering assistant. Karl Mohr is a masterful dialog, music and sound effects editor who weaves the multiple microphone podcast recording into a professional finished product, beautifully mastered to exceed commercial radio sound quality and to address the demanding specifications of the delivery platforms. Frequently-asked: does sound quality matter on podcasts? Absolutely! How great would it be to have someone show up at your recording location and take care of all the technical aspects for you and a few days later email you the finished, immaculate iTunes-ready file?

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