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Karl Mohr with DAT archives at Thillaye Productions Wallace-street studio, Toronto.

Karl Mohr’s brain exploded in 1985 when he got his first synthesizer, a Yamaha DX100. Well into his piano performance career, his passion for recorded electronic music was ignited. He was already working on many student and paid projects during his early years 1989-1996 before going freelance in 1996, and later creating his company Multibeat Music in 2005. Here is a selection of the clients he’s worked with and projects he worked on, awards he helped win and other aspects of Multibeat days past.


IMAX, Disney, Discovery Channel, SK Films, Universal Records, A1, Telering, Quaker State Oil … [Logo roll coming soon.]

Video Show Reel

As a restless, ever-busy sonic sculptor, Mohr has rarely taken the time to assemble a demo. An up-to-date video show reel is indeed underway.

Audio Demos

New demos are being edited.

Karl J. Mohr – Curriculum Vitae / Resume Of Projects

Karl Mohr Multibeat Creative resume CV

Download a PDF copy of Karl Mohr’s curriculum vitae (if out of date, please request a current document).

Awards & Nominations

Karl Mohr has had the pleasure to be part of the Thillaye Productions sound team, garnering a significant number of awards and nominations in the realm of sound editing/sound design. Here are the awards which included Karl Mohr as an active member:

  • 2017/08/22 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Awards, Nomination, Best Audioscape: Amazon Adventure.
  • 2011 MPSE Golden Reel Awards: Nomination, Best Sound Editing: Special Venue: Under the Sea 3D.
  • 2010 Giant Screen Cinema Association: Nomination, Best Sound: Ultimate Wave 3D.
  • 2010 Giant Screen Cinema Association: Nomination, Best Sound: Hubble 3D.
  • 2010 International Wildlife Film Festival: Finalist, Honorable Mention Award for Sound Design: Under the Sea 3D.
  • 2009 Daytime Emmy: Nomination, Best Sound, Children’s Series: The Future is Wild.
  • 2005 Golden Reel Awards: Other Categories, Sound Editing in a Special Venue Film: NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience (sound designer).
  • 2004 Giant Screen Theatre Association Film Achievement Awards, Best Sound 2004, NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience (sound designer).

The following awards were won separately from Thillaye Productions:

  • 2007 Moscow Film Festival: “Perspectives” Award, Best Film: Monotonija Fa Filma, Latvia (Karl Mohr was sound mixer, audio postproduction, music composition).
  • 1994 Istvan Award, Queen’s University, for excellence in electroacoustic composition.
  • 1992 Canadian Student Showcase, Jean Oser Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking: with Chris Grismer for Which Part Of No Do You Not Understand?


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Projects Completed Over The Past Few Years

The past years have been very busy – please excuse the rat’s nest.  Completed projects in custom CV or resume format are available upon request.  What follows are various extracts from Completed Projects pages over the years.

  • On-hold music and other assets for a top Asian NVOCC container shipping company
  • music production/mixing/mastering for Brian Asha singles
  • (TBC) sound editor on IMAX film about the Amazon
  • (TBC) sound editor on installation about a major sunk ship at a major Irish museum
  • (TBC) music production/mixing/mastering for upcoming Double Eyelid album
  • (TBC) assisting in major animation theme song pitch
  • company ID song for a top Asian NVOCC container shipping company
  • web updates and social network integration for artist Mr. Hydde
  • music production/mixing/mastering for Brian Asha single “Living For Saturday”
  • 2016/07/26 | major mobile phone ad campaign | music composition, sound design
  • 2016/07/20 | Brian Asha singles “You & Me Baby”, “Pleasure Model”, “Caramel”, “Generation Angel” | music production, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2016/07/19 | Johnny Hollow music video/short film for Firefly | music mastering
  • 2016/07/19 | Johnny Hollow remix EP Mongrel | music mastering
  • 2016/07/16 | Johnny Hollow “I Am The Island” and “Bloodsuckers” song remixes (as the artist Dead Red Velvet) | music production, music mix, song remixing
  • 2016/06/29 | | WordPress support
  • Slutmother single “Lady Doll” | music mixing, music mastering
  • Carrie Beehan new album | music performance, piano & Haken Continuum fingerboard, music recording
  • Villain Media’s short horror film Stillborn | music composing, sound design, sound editing, foley, sound recording, re-recording mixing
  • TV series Toronah | music composition, music mixing
  • IMAX/Disney film about the International Space Station, A Beautiful Planet | special sound effects design, sound editing, audio post production math
  • mastered the Double Eyelid compilation Broken Mirror
  • created, with Ian Revell, new version of Double Eyelid song “Cold Is Better”
  • created song remix for Double Eyelid’s song “Diamond Cutter” (as the artist Dead Red Velvet)
  • voice recording/ADR/location recording/sound editing & design/re-recording mix on Jennifer Linton’s Toronto Alice stop motion animation short
  • creating remix kits and live backing tracks for Johnny Hollow A Collection of Creatures
  • creating remix kits for Double Eyelid Seven Years
  • voiceover talent and audio production on radio adverts and radio show content for Today Is Magical show on Harmony Radio
  • audiovisual documentation of Peterborough Human Society Gala (with the Fivetomidnight crew)
  • music mastering on Johnny Hollow’s remix of Canadian opera singer Measha Brueggergosman’s recording of “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”
  • created commissioned remix of Canadian opera singer Measha Brueggergosman’s recording of “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” promoting the premiere of Songs of Freedom, a 90-minute film, 4-part TV series, interactive website and mobile application.
  • music mixing/mastering on The Scarlet Fever, three additional bonus tracks from the Collider album project
  • created remix kits for Double Eyelid Seven Years
  • re-recording mixing/sound editing on television series Too Much Information for Super Sonics Post Production (39 episodes)
  • music vocal production/mixing/mastering on The Scarlet Fever‘s sophomore album Collider
  • music composing/sound editing & design/foley artist/re-recording mixing on J.L. Munce‘s nature doc Algonquin Headwaters
  • vocal production/mixing/mastering on Burn Oxygen’s new album The Lens
  • music production/vocal production/guitar performance/mixing/mastering on Double Eyelid debut album release, Seven Years
  • music mixing/mastering on The Roncy Boys debut four-song EP release, It’s Time!
  • music mixing/mastering for Dean Hayze single “Lose Me”
  • music edit/re-recording mix on Scarlet Fever Indiegogo video pitch
  • location sound recordist/re-recording mixing on Scarlet Fever “Claim To Faim” live performance video
  • sound editing on Wonders of the Arctic 3D IMAX (Thillaye Productions)
  • sound design/6-channel mix preparation on IMAX Madagascar, Island of Lemurs (Thillaye Productions)
  • sound design/6-channel mix preparation on Flight of the Butterflies, IMAX 3D (Thillaye Productions)
  • sound editing/6-channel mix preparation on IMAX Jerusalem (Thillaye Productions)
  • conforming audio for recent language versions of IMAX Rescue 3D (Thillaye Productions)
  • special effects sound design/mix for Jappeloup feature film (Les Productions Audio FX, Montreal)
  • juror for the 2013 DGC Awards, in the category of Sound Editing
  • voiceover & narration recording/sound editing & design/music production/re-recording mixing for Agency2Video video campaigns
  • sound recording, edit, mix for Elizabeth Fearon‘s short film Run
  • music recording/mix/mastering for Johnny Hollow A Collection of Creatures
  • vocal recording/mixing for top Canadian soprano Kristin Mueller-Heaslip‘s vocal composition “Jehanne”
  • music development/vocal production/mixing/mastering on Brian Asha debut album
  • music production/vocal production/mixing/mastering on Double Eyelid “Dead Is Better” video single
  • music mixing/mastering for New Wild West album from Drums & Machines (Halifax)
  • recording rap & singing vocals for Jazmine Morningstar
  • recording rap & singing vocals for Emilia Saleh
  • song remix of “Superhero” for Johnny Hollow featured in IndieGoGo campaign
  • song remix for Brett Gleason
  • song remix for Istvan Kantor
  • video production for Today Is Magical theta healing
  • video production for Terminal Barbershop
  • video production for Playing With Fire glass workshops

2013/04/11 | IMAX Madagascar Island Of Lemurs | Sound editing, music editing

2013/10/24 | IMAX Wonders Of The Arctic 3D | Picture version logging, EDL cleaning, guidetrack breakup, conforming stems, Virtual Katy

Here are some completed IMAX projects I’ve done as a sound editor with Thillaye Productions:

Rocky Mountain Express

Now filming. Rocky Mountain Express will propel audiences on a steam train journey through the Canadian Rockies – revealing along the way, the heroic human drama and epic engineering involved in shaping a nearly impossible transcontinental railway link. Visit the official site.

Hubble (IMAX 3D)

IMAX(R) Camera Returns to Space to Chronicle Life of the Hubble Space Telescope Hubble’s Stunning Images of Distant Galaxies Presented in IMAX(R) 3D

IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros Pictures today announced that, in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the IMAX(R) 3D camera will return to space for production of the next IMAX 3D space film. Set for release in early 2010, the film will chronicle the life story of the Hubble Space telescope – deemed the most important scientific instrument since Galileo invented the original telescope. IMAX’s long-standing partnership with NASA has enabled millions of people to travel into space through a series of award-winning IMAX films that have cumulatively grossed more than $500 million worldwide. The IMAX 3D camera made its first voyage into space in 2001 for the production of SPACE STATION 3D, narrated by Tom Cruise, which has grossed nearly $100 million worldwide. The Hubble IMAX 3D film will mark Warner Bros. Pictures’ first venture into space […] Read the rest of the article.

Rescue (IMAX 3D)

In recent times we all have been witness to a spate of natural disasters, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes and drought have wreaked havoc, prompting the affected governments and communities to call for help. In the U.S. alone in the past year there have been over 100 national disasters recorded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Last year, the USAID responded to 77 declared disasters in 57 countries affecting 94 million people […] Read the rest of the article.

Legends Of The Sky

Now in production, Legends of the Sky will catapult audiences into flight with extraordinary aircraft that have shaped the evolution of aviation. With test pilot Mike Carricker we relive the experience of flight with classic aircraft and follow the creation of a next generation airliner. Visit the official site.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti


September 15, 2008 / The Stephen Low Company is now in production on Ultimate Wave Tahiti. Filming for the project was undertaken from August through mid-September, yielding dramatic 3D surfing action footage at Teahupoo, Tahiti and remarkable scenes throughout the islands of French Polynesia.

Directed by Stephen Low and featuring eight-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater, Ultimate Wave will immerse IMAX audiences in the story of an ocean wave and the lives it impacts and transforms. From astounding 3D surfing action to the chaos of ocean storms, the film leads audiences on a quest to understand one of this planet’s most intriguing and dramatic phenomena.

Action in Ultimate Wave Tahiti focuses on Tahiti and the volcanic islands of French Polynesia, home to some of the world’s most challenging surfing and to astounding coral reef ecosystems at the turbulent interface between island and ocean. The islands are also a homeland of the Polynesian seafaring culture and the surfing art integral to the film.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti will be filmed in large-format 3D for exhibition in IMAX, IMAX 3D and other giant screen theaters worldwide. The project is produced by The Stephen Low Company in association with K2 Communications. Ultimate Wave Tahiti is presented by Suzuki Automotive, with additional support from Tahiti Tourisme and Quiksilver, Inc., the world’s leading outdoor sports lifestyle company.

The film is scheduled for release fall, 2009. Visit the official site.

Karl Mohr working at Thillaye Productions Wallace-street studio, Toronto.

You may be looking for a studio facility, or a content provider, the best sound design in the country, or music/audio services. You’ve arrived at Multibeat Creative, home of the big brain and nerve centre studio of Karl Mohr in the Junction district of Toronto, Canada.

The most recent development is teaming up with Steven Cerritos on astounding web videos – get real value for your advertising budget.

Multibeat Creative – Recent News

2012/05/14 | Karl Mohr joins the DGC | After many years of narrowly dodging the proposition, Karl Mohr joins the Directors Guild of Canada in the role of Sound Editor.

2012/04/12 | Rocky Mountain Express wins Golden Reel award for sound | Details coming soon.Rocky Mountain Express at Stephen Low Company

2012/04/02 | Double Eyelid “Dead Is Better” in ship shape for video release | Additional music production, mix and master of a great song by Ian Revell, all in preparation for music video release, directed by the young, formidable director Steven Cerritos.Double Eyelid official website

2011/11/01 | Brian West “I’m A Man” rolls out for Movember | It was a killer but Brian West’s hit single is finally finished and promoting Movember.I’m A Man at Bandcamp

2011/08/01 | Sound design on IMAX Rocky Mountain Express | Once again, Peter Thillaye supervising the sound design on IMAX Rocky Mountain Express. Karl Mohr using Kontakt and a host of controllers to evoke train and natural sounds. Rocky Mountain Express at Stephen Low Company

Multibeat Creative – Projects with Thillaye Productions

As a freelance sound editor, I’ve worked with the Thillaye Productions crew, Degazio Sound Design, and associates on these films.

Ancient Pre-History Resume Madness

Karl J. Mohr / Film Sound Editor / Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details
Karl Jürgensen Mohr

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Short Biography

Karl Mohr is a Canadian sound editor/designer for film, video and multimedia. He works extensively with digital audio manipulation via sampling, audio recycling, DJ processes and mastering tools – recording live performances of digitally-altered organic sound in sync with motion picture. His creative use of DSP, samplers and workstations has had a significant impact on his sound design for IMAX films. His innovative music marks him as a unique composer; it has received radio airplay on the CBC, ORF and around the world; his sound design and audio postproduction credits are extensive. He is currently studying performance on the Continuum Fingerboard musical instrument, designed by Lippold Haken.

Recent Work

  • 2011, summer, sound editing/design on Rocky Mountain Express IMAX.
  • 2010, film sound design on IMAX films: Born To Be Wild 3D, Legends of Flight, Hubble 3D, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D, Under the Sea 3D.
  • 2011, summer, mix/master Canada Council jazz demo for singer Sarah Jerrom.
  • 2011, summer, song placement in Ecstasy, sequel to Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting.
  • 2011, autumn, record/edit/mix/master on Brian Johnson song “I’m A Man”.
  • 2010, summer, record/edit/mix/master on Dead Red Velvet “Full Moon Film” CD.

Past Career Highlights

  • 1996-2011, award-winning sound design on many IMAX films such as Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees, Nascar 3D, Bears, Gold Fever, Wolves, Wildfire: Feel the Heat, Cyberworld, Up Up and Away, Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, Galapagos, Mark Twain’s America, House Guests, Nutcracker, Mission to Mir, Cosmic City.
  • IMAX film production audio sleuthing using deep film math and databases for reconstructing sync sound on projects shot without timecode and/or slating.
  • sound editing/foley/composing/final mix on Monotonija, independent feature-length film produced by FaFilma, Latvia.
  • sound editing/mix on the films of Mara Ravins: Solace, Matin dans un fôret des pins.
  • sound editing for television series: The Future is Wild, Tom Stone, Ignition.
  • sound design for iPhone apps.
  • database design of film timecode calculators, EDL/offset operations, version control.
  • 2000-2003, composing music for corporate video (Wild Thing, Vienna, Austria).
  • record/edit/mix/master on Ruth Cassie “Ivan Blackbird’s Story” CD.
  • Flash animation/programming on web trailer for Loreena McKennitt CD.
  • Flash animation/web programming, web site for Hawksley Workman.
  • 2005-2007, various web site projects, design/programming, in Huntsville region.


  • 2011, MPSE Golden Reel Awards: Nomination, Best Sound Editing: Special Venue: Under the Sea 3D.
  • 2010, Giant Screen Cinema Association: Nomination, Best Sound: Ultimate Wave 3D.
  • 2010, Giant Screen Cinema Association: Nomination, Best Sound: Hubble 3D.
  • 2010, International Wildlife Film Festival: Finalist, Honorable Mention Award for Sound Design: Under the Sea 3D.
  • 2009, Daytime Emmy: Nomination, Best Sound, Children’s Series: The Future is Wild.
  • 2007, Moscow Film Festival: “Perspectives” Award, Best Film: Monotonija (sound mixer, audio postproduction).
  • 2005, Golden Reel Awards: Other Categories, Sound Editing in a Special Venue Film: NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience (sound designer).
  • 2004, Giant Screen Theatre Association Film Achievement Awards, Best Sound 2004, NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience (sound designer).
  • 1994, Istvan Award, Queen’s University (for excellence in electroacoustic composition).
  • 1992, Canadian Student Showcase, Jean Oser Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking: with Chris Grismer for “Which Part Of No Do You Not Understand?”


  • Sound design apprenticeship with Peter Thillaye, Bruno Degazio, Yuri Gorbachow.
  • Intensive German course, Goethe Institut, Toronto. Completed 2000.
  • Master of Sound Recording (Qualifying Year), McGill U., Montréal. Completed 1995.
  • Bachelor of Music, Queen’s University, Kingston. Completed 1994.
  • Studied composition with noteworthy composers: David Keane, Kristi Allik, John Burge, Clifford Crawley, Norman Sherman, Bruno Degazio. (1990-1994)
  • Summer Electronic Music Program, Queen’s University, Kingston. Summer 1990.
  • Grade 8 Piano, Grade 2 Theory, Royal Conservatory of Music. Completed 1989.

Additional Details

  • References available upon request at the contact information above.


Previous sound editing work from 2003-1995

2003/01/01 | Sound Designer: Produced Hawksley Workman drum sampling CD.
2003/01/01 | Sound Editor: Archiving and databasing Hawksley Workman tape masters to digital format.
2002/04/01 | Sound Editor: Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees IMAX
2001/11/01 | Sound Editor: Tom Stone CBC television series
2001/08/01 | Sound Designer: Lutz Austria internet quiz (agency: Worx New Media Life)
2001/04/01 | Sound Editor: Bears IMAX
2001/02/01 | Assistant ADR Editor: Ignition TV Series GFT/Redwood/Ignition Films
2000/08/01 | Sound Editor: CyberworldIMAX 3D
2000/07/01 | Sound Editor: Up Up and Away IMAX (Demo)
2000/01/01 | Sound Editor: Volcanoes IMAX (Demo)
1999/06/01 | Sound Editor: Galapagos IMAX 3D
1999/01/01 | Sound Editor: Cyberworld IMAX 3D (Wireframe Films Demo)
1998/11/01 | Assistant Sound Editor: Gold Fever IMAX
1998/11/01 | Assistant Sound Editor: Wolves IMAX
1998/11/01 | Assistant Film Editor: Omnimax Dome IMAX 3D Film Test
1998/10/01 | Assistant ADR Editor: Nightworld Series (Alliance/Atlantis)
1998/04/01 | Sound Editor: Wildfire: Feel the Heat IMAX
1998/01/01 | Assistant Sound Editor: Mark Twain’s America IMAX 3D
1998/01/01 | Sound Effects Editor/Composer: Quaker State TV Ad (Flashcut)
1997/09/01 | Assistant Sound Editor: Nutcracker IMAX
1997/08/01 | Assistant Sound Editor: Mark Twain, Wildfire, Rodeo IMAX Demos
1997/07/01 | Sound Effects Editor/Composer: My Canada (Immersion Studios)
1997/06/01 | Sound Effects Editor: Matin dans un fôret des pins (Barracuda Films)
1997/05/01 | Audio Conform: Staged (Nemesis Productions, City-TV, A&E)
1996/10/01 | Audio Coordinator/Assistant Sound Editor: Mission to Mir IMAX (demo), Mission to Mir IMAX
1996/08/01 | Assistant Sound Effects Editor: Mark Twain, House Guests IMAX Demos
1996/07/01 | Studio Engineer: Oz Productions, Toronto
1996/06/01 | Sound Design: Lighthouse CD-ROM (Face to Face)
1996/04/01 | Sound Design: MyCity CD-ROM (I Choose Me)
1996/03/01 | Assistant Sound Effects Editor: Cosmic City IMAX
1996/02/01 | Assistant to ADR Editor: Kids in the Hall – Brain Candy (Alliance)
1996/01/01 | Studio Assistant/Project Promoter Evolution of Musical Organisms: Degazio Sound Design, Toronto
1995/07/01 | Engineer/In-House Composer: Studio Belle Image, Laval, Québec
1995/05/01 | Digital Audio Editor: Silent Sound Studio, Montréal, Québec

Music composed for film, video, theatre and multimedia from 2002-1990

2002/10/01 | Composed music for A1 Partner Highlight 2002 corporate event video (Wild Thing Productions).
2002/10/01 | Composed music for A1 Akademie corporate video (Wild Thing Productions).
2002/09/01 | Composed music for Gulet Travel Austria presentation video featuring Microman from Ö3 radio (Wild Thing Productions).
2002/08/01 | Composed music for Niederösterreich Preis für Kultur und Wissenschaft presentation video (Wild Thing Productions).
2002/06/01 | Composed music, sound effects and Flash programming for Caritas Dioezese Linz Waermestube Stadtpiloten website for Caritas Oberoesterreich. (Collaboration with Patricia Futterer.)
2002/06/01 | Composed music and sound design for Pro-Advertising TaxiLight multimedia video (Wild Thing Productions).
2001/06/01 | Composed music for Telering Austria promotional banner ad, pitched by Worx New Media Life.
2001/06/01 | Composed music, sound effects editing for Bene Austria internet game, pitched by Diamond Dogs.
2000/12/01 | Composed Christmas music for KPNQwest Austria Weihnachtskalender Flash application (follow the Portfolio through to the calendar), sub-contracted by WORX New Media Life.
1998/01/01 | Composed original soundtrack for Standard Deviation, a feature film by Sam K. Lee.
1997/07/01 | Composed original soundtrack material for Matin dans un fôret des pins, a two-hour documentary film about Latvian culture by Mara Ravins and Janis Kalejs, featured in international festivals.
Feb 1996 – Composed main title for The Blue Hermaphrodite, a television series exploring sex, sexuality and gender in pop culture (six thirty-minute episodes).
1995/11/01 | Composed original music for Mute, an independent feature film by Sam K. Lee.
1994/04/01 | Composed two 45 second interludes for Longshots, a documentary produced by Maximage and aired on CBC Newsworld.
1994/03/01 | Composed original music and edited audio for Speaking in Tongues, a play by Mike Thibault presented by La Bouche Theatre Company.
1994/02/01 | Produced/engineered music for The Onionskin, a dramatic production featured in Direct From Kingston, a festival of independent theatre.
1994/01/01 | Composed soundtrack for Chasing the Sun, a film charting the success of the Queen’s Solar Car 1993 and geared towards the promotion of women in engineering.
1993/11/01 | Composed soundtrack for Hamlet, a dramatic production presented by Queen’s Drama Department.
1993/08/01 | Sound design for The Crackwalker, a professional dramatic production staged at The Grand Theatre, Kingston.
1993/04/01 | Composed soundtrack for Writing on the Wall, a student film about graffiti culture.
1993/02/01 | Musical segments from Foment (see August 1992) featured in Savage/Love a dramatic production written by Joseph Chaikin/Sam Shepard and directed by Kevin Fraser.
– Composed soundtrack segment for Purple Jesus, a Queen’s University-funded production promoting alcohol awareness among first-year students.
1992/12/01 | Composed soundtrack for and directed Halloween, a student video co-produced with Tom Costain dealing with campus hedonism.
1992/08/01 | Composed soundtrack for Foment, the world premier of a play by James Purdy, presented by Threshold theatre at the Baby Grand Theatre, Kingston and at the Annex Theatre, Toronto.
1992/03/01 | Composed soundtrack for Our Back Yard, a film about Kingston’s garbage crisis.
1992/02/01 | Threshold theatre restaged Beautiful Losers at the Theatre Centre, Toronto (see August 1991) using previous soundtrack.
1991/12/01 | Composed soundtrack for Dreams and Reminiscence, an experimental video.
– Co-filmmaker and soundtrack composer for Which Part Of No Do You Not Understand? a student video addressing the problem of campus date rape.
1991/08/01 | Composed soundtrack for dramatic production of Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers, presented by Threshold theatre, Kingston.
1991/04/01 | Composed soundtrack for Holding the Pieces, a dramatic production presented by Threshold theatre.
1991/02/01 | Composed soundtrack for Rites of Passage, a controversial student video examining Queen’s University’s orientation practices.
1989/11/01 | Composed soundtrack for Tip of the Iceberg, a student video about family violence.


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