Creative Music Services

A page of sheet music from composer Karl Mohr at Multibeat Creative, Toronto.

Multibeat Creative – Music Composition Services

Multibeat Creative provides custom-composed music for film, video and television with a historical focus on corporate/industrial video.

HTML5 audio is in the plan for this website – in the meantime, here is a Flash player featuring a number of my compositions, with a heavy emphasis on music for corporate/industrial video.

I have a tremendous compositional range in musical genre, format, presentation, mood and I can work with all sorts of different session musicians given such a budget.

As a sound designer for film, I can allow music soundtrack and sound effects track to work on a simultaneous story-telling vector, with nuances and phrases weaving between these areas. Composers have become more connected to sound design, yet sound editors are warned to stay clear of tonal and emotional areas – with Multibeat, it can work as one totality with a clear, easy prep for the mixing stage, wherever that may be.

The Composer

The heart and soul of Multibeat Music is composer, sound editor and musician, Karl J. Mohr (BMus).

A Curriculum Vitae outlines my accomplishments.

My composition, arrangement, production and sound design talents allow me to work on all types of music projects, from film soundtracks to music mastering to producing rock and folk records to voice recording to web sound. When I can’t play or sing or arrange or create it myself, I draws on a large pool of talent on a per-need basis.

Additional human resources:

  • Composers: Janine White, Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip, Alyssa Ryvers
  • Arrangers: Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip, Laura May Elston, Nisha Coleman, Amanda Penner, Alex Cheung
  • Conductors: Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip, Scott Good, Paul Jenkins
  • Musicians: [too many to mention here]
  • Additional sound effects and post facilities: Thillaye Productions
  • Additional recording/mix facilities: Stew Crookes, Hawksleytown

While a properly-updated credit list will be online shortly, for the moment a smattering of credit highlights consists of:

A1 Telecomm. Austria
Ace Insurance
Caritas Austria
Daniel und Partner
Gulet Travel
Hawksley Workman
Hoon Films
IMAX Documentaries
KPNQwest Austria
Lutz Austria
Niederoesterreich Preis
Palmira Productions
Quaker State Oil
Sony Austria
Telering Austria
Wild Thing Productions
Worx New Media Life

Credit List

Read our credit list with projects spanning the last nineteen years.

Multibeat Creative – Album Production

Multibeat studio is modest and I do not typically advertise as a music recording studio. These days, many musicians are stumbling on recording acoustic drums, and also final vocals – these first, and last, stages take great care, a studio with a good acoustic, and pro studio gear. I do have an 8-channel mobile recording rig that I can take out-of-house to record drum bed tracks, guerilla-style, or for recording specialty items such as choirs, band instruments, or intimate acoustic spaces such as churches. As for doing final vocals for an album, vocal production/recording/sessions is something I like to participate in and can be done at the Multibeat studio.

I tend to downplay my music production offerings for working with artists on an album project – I’m too fastidious and most musicians I’m interested in working with don’t have the available $3-5k to make it a worthwhile month-long fastidiousness adventure. Unfortunately I can no longer do a $2k album, nor $100 demo song recording.

However, working backwards, when it comes to mastering-to-final, mixing-to-premaster, cleaning up recorded tracks, replacing drums, pre-mixing to stems, vocal recording and general clean-up: Multibeat is an excellent source for any of these. Let’s hear what you’re doing and we can arrive at an arrangement.

Karl Mohr has produced all different types of music from folk to hip hop to indie rock to classical to electroclash to punk. With a classical background and a long-term dedication to street genres, anything is possible. You have the budget for a studio and want to bring Karl Mohr in? Let’s do it.

Multibeat Music – Advertising Spots

Multibeat Music has worked on ad spots for radio and TV.

The extended Multibeat family can handle the audio side of professional advertisements from working with voice actors, music assets and sound effects, punchy ear-catching mix, through to the final delivery files. Multilingual ad versioning is possible as well.

Demos coming soon to this page.