Services – Audio Postproduction, Special Effects Sound Design & Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

Full service multichannel sound for film, television, games.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

The meat and potatoes of Karl Mohr’s working life has been special FX sound design for film. Mohr is a member of the DGC and has been a sound effects juror. He has no problem settling into the role of whatever needs doing: sound assistant, additional sound editor, main sound editor, team leader or sound supervisor for a project. Priority is always given to productions that are making a positive difference in the world such as documentaries.

With a deep involvement in film composing, sound editing and multichannel special effects sound design for the IMAX screen, Multibeat Creative is poised to handle the total sound, music, post-production experience on your motion picture, interactive project, videogame or advertisement. Recently working in conjunction with Webidiotz/Agency2Video, Multibeat got serious with its roster of voice talent.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

In the past, Mohr’s work included two decades of sound editing and multi-channel sound design for IMAX and other large format film formats. Mohr’s contributions to Thillaye Productions projects garnered many industry awards. His music composition work extended to film soundtracks as well. Between film jobs, his fill-in work included recording, mixing, mastering artists on album projects – a passion which has eventually taken over.

Mohr continues to be available for sound editing and extended sound design techniques duties on all media. He has an extended knowledge of film, video, timecode formats, conforms etc.

Here are some films, television shows and related projects that Mohr was involved with: [image roll TBA]

Special Effects Sound Design For Film & Modern Media

Multibeat Creative is a great choice for dynamic, interesting sound work with precision and care in editing and delivery.

Karl Mohr has worked as a freelance sound editor for sixteen years – initially transferring his skills from electroacoustic music manipulation over to film sound, and then continuing his skill set with advanced sampler use (Ensoniq, Roland, Casio, Akai, E-MU, Kurzweil, VSamp, Lisa, EXS, Kontakt, etc). His library of sounds is enormous and includes rare personally recorded gems, and created design textures.

Mohr has worked heavily with Peter Thillaye and his crew at Thillaye Productions, learning the most varied and exacting aspects of timecode, versioning, formats, conversions, procedures, logging, tracking, databasing, liasing with sound recordists and mixers.

Mohr’s own sound editing station consists of ProTools/CPTK and Logic Pro, plus a dedicated Kontakt computer for sampling, and a host of hardware samplers and synthesizers.

If Multibeat doesn’t have the sound, Multibeat records it. If Multibeat can’t record it, Multibeat builds it from scratch. Any sound that can be imagined and spoken about can be brought into being in multichannel glory.

Projects have included editing/mixing on independent features, commercials, IMAX 3D 6-channel, specialty sound design, animated series. If you need sound editing/sound design, you’ve come to the right place.

Credit List

Read our credit list with projects spanning the last nineteen years.

Audio Postproduction

Multibeat Creative provides leading edge sound editing for modern media and interactivity.  Whether a client needs a simple voiceover edit for a radio commercial, or a sound-supervised team of editors and assistants to bring a feature film to final in full surround, Multibeat Creative will get it done on schedule.

With a modest mix suite in-house, and a number of suites around the city, we’ll work to make your production an original, dynamic and industry-polished gem.

We interface with Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic.  Our editors have been working with Pro Tools since Sound Designer 1.0 on Apple OS6.  We have created a unique taxonomy defining the entire world of sound, and have an enormous sound effects library to match.

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