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The Voice of Karl Mohr at Multibeat Creative Voicebank.

The Voices of Multibeat

Yes, we have wonderful voices! No, we are not a dedicated talent agency like some of the big players in Toronto. All of our voice actors are cleared for non-union work, are available on relatively short notice, and we have a guerrilla-style approach to getting people in, choosing microphones, and evoking exactly the performances that the project requires. If a client wants to wade through thousands of voices to find a union actor and record at a premium studio, that’s one approach. We feel it’s the moment of intimacy, comfort and inspiration that happens at the microphone that matters. We are constantly tuning our roster to be able to provide an absolutely abundant cornucopia of rich, vocal experience. Contact Karl Mohr to discuss voices. [contact form coming soon]

Spotlight: The Voice of Karl Mohr

The past year has included a promotional campaign of the fine vocal talents of Karl Mohr himself. Coming soon to SoundCloud: demos of commercial work, radio broadcast and characters.  Karl Mohr profile page at Multibeat Creative.

Multibeat Creative – Full Roster of Voiceover Talent

Multibeat Creative uses voice talent often enough to maintain a go-to list.  Here are some profiles of the growing roster of non-union voices we have to offer our clients. [profiles coming soon]

  • Louise Bak
  • Casey Campbell
  • Elliott Devine
  • Merryn Griffin
  • Anthony Haley
  • Brian Johnson
  • Mike Lummis
  • Veronica McNamee
  • Karl Mohr
  • Jazmine Morningstar
  • Risha Nanda
  • Diana Peiges
  • Lynne Rafter
  • Ian Revell
  • Robert Russell
  • Stephen Skratt
  • Janine Thériault
  • Janine White
  • Britt Wray

Choosing Multibeat for Voices

Audition a wide range of interesting voices – non-union amateurs with fascinating voices/characters. Multibeat has the directorial skills necessary to get the performance you’re looking for.

Editing can begin the moment the voice record is finished – you get edits and mixes the same day, or even the same hour, as the voice record.

Add to this our reasonable rates and you can see why Multibeat Creative is a great source-point for voice talent through to delivery.

Credit List

Read the Multibeat credit list with projects spanning the last nineteen years.