Additional Services

Karl Mohr listening with headphones.

“My preferred waking activity is tinkering with sounds and music. This is why my most successful work to date has been in the areas of sound design and music mastering.” – Karl Mohr

Multibeat Creative – Services – Audio Restoration, Cleaning, Denoising, Archiving

Alongside music mastering, Multibeat can bring back your ruined audio from the dead. Multibeat does all kinds of audio cleaning, surgery and restoration of sonic archives.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Music Editing, Drum Tightening

As well as traditional music editing for film, we can work on individual tracks and parts with a very fast turnaround time. Especially good is cleaning up sloppy drum parts, or conforming other instruments to the groove lock of the drum kit.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Audio Formats & Transfers

Audio file conversions, batch conversions, sampler instrument/patch conversion, file management, audio file mastering – these are all miscellaneous tasks that Multibeat takes care of for you. We can transfer your 33 and 45rpm vinyl records into beautiful 192kHz 32bit files.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Audio Transcription

With a long history of audio logging and transcription for IMAX film productions, choose Multibeat for your next project where you need hard copy. English is the only fluent language but French and German can be roughly translated. All details of the soundscape can be rigorously described in the log. Conversions of field/location sound reports into text files or databases.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Web Development & Internet Presence

Somehow between all these creative ventures, Karl Mohr developed some solid web chops as a designer, programmer and database wrangler. Though Multibeat Creative is positioned to move away from web development, brand presence and social media, the jobs keep showing up. See this page on web development if you are interested in a website or hosting.  As we are now producing web videos, we provide WordPress and custom CMS websites to give a final destination to those videos.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Databases

Multibeat has had a long history with FileMaker Pro and also with MySQL web databases. Custom solutions can be tailored to your needs, whether for audio post organization, administration, or otherwise.

Multibeat Creative – Services – Foot Control In Your Workflow

Multibeat Creative can create powerful systems to involve your feet in your computing experience.  Read about the ways foot control can improve your workflow and save time.