Rate Sheet

First-time customers always receive 25% off on the first project! Thank you for choosing Multibeat.

Please note that all amounts payable shall be made out in our registered company name: MULTIBEAT MUSIC.

All rates listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Rates may be converted here.

Multibeat Creative – Rates on Services Offered

Standard Labour Rate

The standard labour rate for most services is $120.00/hour with a two hour minimum. Hourly billing is rare. We don’t feel good about having to match the unfair profiteering of greedy land barons; we also have to survive and remain competitive. Studio rental and equipment rental rates may apply. Contact us for a quote – a competitive flat fee can very often be negotiated. Note: Multibeat provides boutique services; if you are looking for budget services we may be able to suggest some options in your area.

Sound for Picture – Film, Television, Games

Please contact us for an estimate on audio post production projects. The quoting process can be more involved with estimates often involving additional labour, facilities and other expenses. Smaller projects can often be secured for a flat fee; larger projects require estimates and cost reporting.

Audio Postproduction & Sound Editing

All film- and media-related audio services, such as sound editing to picture, dialog editing, foley recording/editing, voiceover recording, audio mixing/re-recording: $1200.00/10-hour day. A flat rate can often be negotiated. For project sound supervision: please inquire.

Assistant tasks, such as assistant sound editing, logging, transcription, file conversion and preparation: $800.00/day.

Karl Mohr has been a member of the Directors Guild of Canada; the minimum rates for DGC Tier B Sound Editing usually stand as a reasonable reference in the assembling of longer-running budgets.

Special Effects Sound Design

Karl Mohr has had extensive experience in creating specialty, boutique sound design, with the majority of his work focused on special sound effects design for multichannel IMAX films. Special Effects Sound Design is $1200.00/day. A flat rate can often be negotiated.

Film Scoring & Creative Music Services

Film scoring and other music composition, song-writing, music arrangement and orchestration, music supervision, music remix, music compilation – please contact us for quotes on these specialty services.

Music Production & Song Development

Album pre-production planning, music production/programming, song development, recording; working 1:1 intensively and creatively with a solo artist or band; artist development – these services are still offered where a significant album budget exists.

Music Mastering & Mixing

  • Deluxe mastering (analog outboard, advanced techniques): $290/song
  • Mastering from provided stems (fine mix tweaks, analog summing): $410/song
  • Mixing and mastering from provided tracks (cleaned tracks or stems): $550/song
  • Mixing (with final to be mastered elsewhere): $340/song
  • Budget-conscious mastering – simple yet competitive (not recommended): $175/song (discounts do not apply)

Volume Discounts on Mastering & Mixing

When multiple songs are delivered within a 48-hour period, the following discounts apply to the standard rates on mastering & mixing services, above.

  • EP rate (4-7 songs): 6% discount
  • album rate (8-14 songs): 8% discount
  • bulk rate (15+ songs): 10% discount

On mix projects where considerable editing/clean-up is required, music editing time may be billable and is a free estimate before project start.

Music Editing

For instrumental and vocal editing, voice leveling, editing individual tracks including drum track editing, film music editing, miscellaneous music clean-up, the rate is $120.00/hour. A flat fee can often be arranged.

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching

Karl Mohr’s vocal program as laid out on this website features three aspects: pre-session coaching, the recording session, post-session editing and mixing. The cost of pre-session coaching and post-session edit/mix are project-dependent – please contact for a full evaluation. For the recording session, if recorded at Multibeat, the all-in rate is $170.00/hour (coaching, engineering, vocal production), with a two-hour minimum. If recording at another studio with another engineer, Mohr’s coaching rate is $120.00/hour, also with a two-hour minimum. After the singer & project evaluation, a quote will be prepared.

Studio Time – Recording Studio Rates

For basic vocal, solo instrument recording, voiceover recording, music production / generic studio time at Multibeat, a rate of $120.00/hour, two-hour minimum, is charged including the engineer. Block rates are available. The compact Pro Tools-, Nuendo-, and Logic Pro-based studio, features a relaxed recording atmosphere. See our gear list.

Voiceover Talent

Multibeat has a roster of non-union talent at hand. Rates may vary with the individual voice actors and also with the complexity/duration of the subject matter. Please contact for a quote on your project. Ballpark non-union rate for talent: $200.00/hour. If recording voiceover at Multibeat, the studio rate is $120.00/hour, two-hour minimum, including engineer.

Podcast Rates – Overview

Our podcast services are priced competitively. For a convenient calculator for podcast recording, edit, mix, master and additionals, see our Podcast Budget Examples outline page. We’ll give you a free consultation on your podcast and recommend the best choices based on your content, energy, tone, professional level and budget. Competing with quality is vital in the arena of podcasting.

Recording your podcast can happen in three places:

  1. record under Karl Mohr’s supervision at his studio
  2. record under Karl Mohr’s supervision at a local studio
  3. Karl Mohr comes to your location with a mobile recording kit

Recording a Podcast at Multibeat

  • engineering labour – basic rate of $120/hour
  • engineering labour – additional +1 hour for setup/teardown
  • equipment/studio – no charge for up to (3) live mics, eg. (2) hosts + (1) guest
  • equipment/studio – $50 per additional live mic (based on maximal setup)
  • equipment/studio – $85 extra for Skype patch setup

Recording a Podcast at a Local Studio

  • technical consultant labour – basic session rate of $55/hour, two hour minimum
  • equipment/studio – additional studio and engineer cost to be negotiated
  • connecting you with an appropriate studio to your project: free consultation.

Recording a Podcast at Your Own Location

  • engineering labour – basic rate of $120/hour
  • engineering labour – additional +1 hour for setup/teardown/travel
  • equipment – $275 flat rate for up to (3) live mics. eg. (2) hosts + (1) guest. Mobile location recording kit includes: laptop, audio interface, (add’l mic preamps), headphone preamp, microphones, clips, stands, pop filters, wind screens, headphones, cabling.
  • equipment – $85 per additional live mic (calculated on maximal technical setup for the session
  • equipment – $175 extra for Skype patch setup.
  • note: the minimal cost for one hour mobile recording session is $525
  • travel expenses – may be at the client’s expense, if significant.

Podcast Editing & Mixing

Once your podcast has been recorded, it requires editing, mixing and mastering to be ready for distribution. Add the following cost to take your raw recordings through to final.

  • base rate $17/minute of program running time
  • this is based on $340 for a 20-minute episode
  • for multichannel, this is a maximum of (3) channels. eg. (2) hosts + (1) guest
  • additional channels: add $3.50/minute for each additional guest. eg. $70/episode
  • mixing/mastering/delivery included in the cost of editing

Podcast Music & Branding Assets

Aside from the quality of the voice recordings, nothing indicates professionalism in podcasting like custom-created radio-style intros, outros and bumpers. Custom-composed theme music is a vital step towards brand recognition. Contact Multibeat for a quote on a total podcasting package, including custom music and sound effects assets.

Education – Music Technology Lessons

Private one-on-one song workshops, production lessons and tutelage in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Kontakt, Maschine, Traktor, sound editing, mixing, and related instruction are available for an hourly fee. In-person lessons typically cost $120/hr cash or eTransfer, two-hour/two-lesson minimum. This is the standard rate also for studio technical services and software installation. Travel time is included within reason. Skype/video call lessons typically cost the same amount. If (6) hours or more are booked in advance, the rates drop to $100/hr.

Standard Terms – All Services

Standard Terms: we require 50% payment in advance to begin – no exceptions. The remaining 50% final payment is expected before delivery of the final product. Two rounds of changes/fixes are included, after which the full daily work rate will be applied. 30 days net payment unless negotiated otherwise. Compound late payment interest of 5% will be applied to all balances outstanding after 60 days.