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✳️✳️✳️ Dear Visitor, this website is undergoing reconstruction. You may wish to visit the rates page which lists all current services. You may wish to access my current CV. You may be interested in the sound studios I use in the Toronto area. More coming soon. Karl Mohr, July 05, 2020. ✳️✳️✳️

Multibeat Creative is a Toronto-based music and audio services company, owned by Karl Mohr. Together with his colleagues, Mohr undertakes projects of expanding scale and complexity. Multibeat is competitively priced and works internationally. Karl Mohr has been involved in many award-winning productions. Multbeat’s primary goal is to exceed the sonic expectations of the world.

Multibeat 360º: Primary Services

  • Special Effects Sound Design & Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games
  • Toronto’s Best Kept Secret in Music Mastering & Fine Mixing
  • Bring Your Podcast to Life – at a Real Studio or in your Home
  • Better Vocal Takes to Tape with Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching in-studio
  • Film Scoring for Film, Television, Games
  • Let Someone Handle Your Entire Album From Co-writing and Production Through to Manufacturing – Realize Your Dreams!
  • Studio setup in remote and strange locations

Dream Clients

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Social Media

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Professional Services

See below for our new kit of four major service areas.

Being talented, wide-eyed and restless requires great discipline. Multibeat Creative has honed in on four main areas of service. For secondary offerings please see our Additional Services page.

  1. Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master
  2. Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take
  3. Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote
  4. Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master

Multibeat has no interest in changing your ideas, composition or even your creative mix. Creativity is the big time suck and frankly someone else can have it. Multibeat has worked like that in the past, and now our aim really is to shine up existing mix schemes and pre-master finals into gleaming gems, ready for the various formats and platforms of the world.

Really, the terms mix, re-mix and remix do not apply here. We take your existing leveled stems and simply shine. We allow the existing elements to speak more efficiently or effectively. This can be on the mix level, the mastering-from-stems level, or the mastering-from-final level. You want to take your creations in Maschine, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or other DAWs and have them polished up for the world. That’s where we shine. Ask us for references and please review our rate sheet which includes multi-song discounts.

Karl Mohr continues his deep abiding relationship with music mastering. He recently finished a mix/master job for longtime client Drums And Machines (Halifax) on their latest album, New Wild West. He is testing the waters with Matthew Maaskant and is working on the next Johnny Hollow album.

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

Hot Pipes™ – Your Personal Journey as a Vocalist.

Karl Mohr works with singers on getting to the core of their singer-being to deliver the most genuine song and performance within themselves. He also works in vocal production. In this capacity, he is all of: technician, coach, teacher, producer. If you want to sing better on your records, get in touch with Karl.

To hear some of the work Karl has done with singers, check out Chantal Thompson’s performances on the tracks “Surely We” and “Desert Land” on his Blue Visions album. You can also hear some interesting vocal work that Karl coached on Collider by The Scarlet Fever, Seven Years by Double Eyelid and his work with Brian Asha, such as his macho-a-gogo bravado on “I’m A Man“.

Karl Mohr takes his experience in music production, engineering, editing and working with singers and applies it to your song project – from the very reasons for your vocal expression in the first place, all the way to the final leveling of the perfect take

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

After so much experience in the world of film dialog, recording and editing, it’s the perfect fit to record multi-channel podcast performances, edit them into a proper show. And build up the brand with custom-composed music and sound effects. You’ll sound like the pros whether you record in a relaxed round-table environment with Multibeat, at a professional studio in the Toronto area or whether the technical setup comes to you. Ask for references on our previous work.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

The meat and potatoes of Karl Mohr’s working life has been special FX sound design for film. Mohr is a member of the DGC and has been a sound effects juror. He has no problem settling into the role of whatever needs doing: sound assistant, additional sound editor, main sound editor, team leader or sound supervisor for a project. Priority is always given to productions that are making a positive difference in the world such as documentaries.

With a deep involvement in film composing, sound editing and multichannel special effects sound design for the IMAX screen, Multibeat Creative is poised to handle the total sound, music, post-production experience on your motion picture, interactive project, videogame or advertisement. Recently working in conjunction with Webidiotz/Agency2Video, Multibeat got serious with its roster of voice talent.

Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master

The obsessive fine details is where Multibeat really shines – mastering, mastering including analog summing from provided stems, mixing from raw tracks, mixing and mastering all inclusive. Many people today are making music – it’s staggering – but few are able to take their music properly into the professional sphere because their knowledge and skills end at the DAW. Someone working in Logic or Maschine or Ableton might not be able to take their laptop creation to a professional mix and polished industry-ready master. For Multibeat, this is a labour of love.

Here are some albums that Karl Mohr mixed and/or mastered: [image roll TBA]

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

A great vocal comes with years of dedicated practice, but the modern expectations of how a vocal gets from mouth-to-Spotify is simply overwhelming. Karl Mohr steps in for the ultimate in vocal production: starting with the spiritual motivations for singing in the first place, meditations on what the singer is singing, why and how the singing is undertaken, lyrical changes which aid delivery and bring out the essence of the piece and work with the song as a whole, melodic solidification, creation of character, building confidence, shaping phrasing and tuning – all of this is coaching leading up to the microphone. During the recording session, Mohr engineers with greatest care (in-house or at any studio around the world) and tightest precision with a microscope on every aspect of the performance. Building the song’s total vocal presence through vocal production includes crafting unisons and harmonies, shaping phrases and breathing, working with DSP effects. Naturally Hot Pipes (TM) finishes with Hollywood-grade vocal editing and mix including most attentive automation. Mohr’s system has built a number of powerful records and gained him glowing testimonials.

Here are some albums that Karl Mohr assisted the vocalist in Hot Pipes (TM) fashion: [image roll TBA]

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

People have really taken to the podcasting medium – it offers an engaging listener platform for content, whether informative, commercial, info-mercial, or just plain fun. The barriers to putting together a budget podcast are very low; taking it to the next level with a professional recording studio environment frees up the talent to focus on what matters most: a compelling performance and dynamic, interesting content. Multibeat can host a podcast session in-house, help book a studio appropriate to the podcast’s level and budget, and be present as a technical producer and engineering assistant. Karl Mohr is a masterful dialog, music and sound effects editor who weaves the multiple microphone podcast recording into a professional finished product, beautifully mastered to exceed commercial radio sound quality and to address the demanding specifications of the delivery platforms. Frequently-asked: does sound quality matter on podcasts? Absolutely! How great would it be to have someone show up at your recording location and take care of all the technical aspects for you and a few days later email you the finished, immaculate iTunes-ready file?

Here is a spotlight on Out Adventures, our latest podcasting success.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

In the past, Mohr’s work included two decades of sound editing and multi-channel sound design for IMAX and other large format film formats. Mohr’s contributions to Thillaye Productions projects garnered many industry awards. His music composition work extended to film soundtracks as well. Between film jobs, his fill-in work included recording, mixing, mastering artists on album projects – a passion which has eventually taken over.

Mohr continues to be available for sound editing and extended sound design techniques duties on all media. He has an extended knowledge of film, video, timecode formats, conforms etc.

Here are some films, television shows and related projects that Mohr was involved with: [image roll TBA]

Your Latest Project – Ask!

Aside from these four core pursuits, Multibeat has worked on many types of music, audio and even video projects, Flash and motion graphics. We’ve certainly had all kinds of weird and wonderful requests over the years. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Current Activity

Multibeat Creative is the professional hub of Karl Mohr. With a rich knowledge of many areas of audio and music and technology, his best known work are his sound design, sound editing and audio postproduction contributions to multichannel IMAX films.

As of late, Mohr is focusing on helping people get the most out of their music projects. He has two main services in this regard: first, his fine-mixing and mastering services prepare music for interface with the public: exquisite fidelity is tested to adhere to the most demanding technical specifications. Second, he helps singers (and voiceover actors) connect with their ideal expression through his Hot Pipes program. This is vocal recording/engineering/production intersecting with vocal coaching and also examines aesthetic, compositional and even spiritual motivations. Chasing their ‘magic take’, every performer works to achieve the technically-best and truest-to-heart delivery – Mohr is a conduit for dynamic, expressive, project-appropriate expression and is relentless in achieving technical perfection. Quite often Mohr’s two disciplines combine, with an incoming near-completed music project undergoing some additional production work, an immaculate vocal or instrumental performance developed and recorded, which is then incorporated into the production, some additional mixing and analog summing, with a polished master finally emerging after some days of sonic rumination and tweaking. Each project requires its own evaluation and custom quote. See the testimonials section for the success stories.

Working from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, all Multibeat services are offered to the international market.  Mohr works from his own studio, or with local studios in the Greater Toronto Area, or will locate to anywhere a project may require. Sound better with Multibeat.

A previous projects list and Karl Mohr’s CV are available under Completed Projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • upcoming | new literary podcast | Multibeat Creative will handle: recording of podcast and literary readings, dialog editing, podcast mixing, podcast mastering and preparation for the delivery platforms
  • upcoming | new album from Johnny Hollow | Multibeat Creative will be providing music mixing, music mastering, possibly also music production & instrumental performing

Current Projects

  • current | new album development from Double Eyelid | Multibeat Creative has been providing: music production, vocal recording, vocal production, instrumental performing, music mixing, music mastering
  • ongoing | Out Adventures Podcast | sound supervisor, assistant engineer,

Recently Completed

  • current | new album from Johnny Hollow | Multibeat Creative will be providing music mixing, music mastering, possibly also music production & instrumental performing
  • 2017/10/01 | new EP from Toronto band L’Autre Dame | production, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/20 |  two new singles by Jay Draper, frontman of Toronto band The Scarlet Fever | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/01 | Cinemuskoka 2017 – Muskoka’s Inaugural World Film Festival | cinematic sound design DJ on outdoor stage
  • 2017/08/22 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, award nomination: Best Soundscape for sound design by Thillaye Productions
  • 2017/08/20 | promotional video for Playing With Fire glassblowing studio | video production and direction, video editing, voice recording, music composition, audio postproduction
  • 2017/08/15 | Alicia Cinnamon‘s album Queen Of The North | vocal recording, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/08/01 | Brian Asha single “You And Me Baby” | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/05/26 | Brian Asha single “Livin’ For Saturday feat. Alicia Cinnamon” | music production, vocal recording, instrumental performance, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/04/15 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | sound editing, prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)
  • 2017/03/06 | The Trolley That Saves the World, The Stephen Low Company | sound editing, special sound design, panning and prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)

Ongoing Activity

  • remastering/releasing of music catalog on Tape Life Records label; the first album is now available
  • developing signature sampler libraries in Kontakt

Project Archive

Updated: 2017/10/11 @ 18:06

Aside from these four core pursuits, Multibeat has worked on many types of music, audio and even video projects, Flash and motion graphics. We’ve certainly had all kinds of weird and wonderful requests over the years. Get in touch to discuss your project.

About Multibeat

Multibeat Creative is a music and sound company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Karl Mohr. Servicing the local Toronto client base, Multibeat also works remotely with clients across Canada and around the world. Karl Mohr has a long history with sound design, sound editing and audio postproduction, as well as composing music for film and theatre. Multibeat core services include: music mastering, music mixing, creative music services including film composition and songwriting, special effects sound design and sound editing for picture, all aspects of audio postproduction. The full scope of Multibeat services can be found on the Professional Services page.

Karl Mohr

Born 1971, Karl Mohr is a Canadian sound editor/sound designer/composer for film and new media. He works extensively in digital audio manipulation with workstations, sampling, audio recycling, DSP processes and mastering tools – recording gestured performances of digitally-altered organic sound in sync with motion picture and modern media. His library of collected and created sounds is impressive. His focus, from 1996-2012, has been on sound design for giant screen IMAX films with Toronto-based Thillaye Productions; his credits and awards are extensive. As a composer, his music has forged unique territory, often combining textures and processes from his sound design work. As a sonic sculptor, his work in music mastering and fine music mixing are exquisite. For examples of his work, please visit Multibeat’s Completed Projects.

Here’s what I’m up to at the moment.

  • overall mode: looking for new sound design/editing work on film/games – major campaign!
  • work status: solid for the moment. manageable singer/songwriter work on music and my main podcast client is recording in February.
  • main work: Brian Asha developments.
  • night-shift work: my record label, Tape Life Records: am prepping 14 albums of my own back catalog for remaster/rerelease and rebuilding the album art as well.  My first recording started in 1987, inspired by the likes of Skinny Puppy, Yello, The Art Of Noise, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Dead Or Alive – music production has always been a pursuit.
  • my music: am writing new material again for the first time in many years, which will appear this year on Tape Life 1015 and 1016.
  • personal: I moved to the Baby Point neighbourhood of Toronto as of June 2018. I’m still exploring the idea of home-ownership in a smaller community after many years in larger cities.
  • reading: learning about astrology.
  • generally feeling: making progress!

Colleagues & Partners

Karl Mohr works with others to form modular creative team clusters as project requirements expand. For instance, video support comes from director/DOP Steven Cerritos, DOP/photographer Gillian Williamson, and DOP Marijus Svirskas. The list of talent includes associated composers, sound editors and wide array of voiceover/instrumental talent.

What’s With The Name?

In 1997, Karl Mohr wrote a track called “Multibeat Space Dance”. While in Austria in 2001, he had a rear-view mirror glimpse of Canadian electronica and decided to start a small experimental record label, which he called Multibeat Records. Later, in 2005, he launched his own music publishing company and chose the name Multibeat Music, which remains his registered Ontario business name. In 2012, with the addition of video production services to the roster, Multibeat Music became re-branded as Multibeat Creative.  (Multibeat Records was re-branded as Tape Life Records in 2015.)

Technical Specifications

Please call to discuss any questions/concerns about our specs.