Current Projects

Welcome to Multibeat Creative, the professional hub of Karl Mohr.  Essential services include audio postproduction for film and all media, sound editing & design, music mastering, music mixing, music composition and music production in all genres, vocal recording/production & vocal coaching. Working from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, these services are offered to the international market.  For the project back-history and Karl Mohr’s CV, please visit Completed Projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • upcoming | new album from Double Eyelid | Multibeat Creative will be providing music production, vocal recording, vocal production, instrumental performing, music mixing, music mastering
  • upcoming | new album from Johnny Hollow | Multibeat Creative will be providing music mixing, music mastering, possibly also music production & instrumental performing

Recently Completed

  • 2017/10/01 | new EP from Toronto band L’Autre Dame | production, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/20 |  two new singles by Jay Draper, frontman of Toronto band The Scarlet Fever | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/09/01 | Cinemuskoka 2017 – Muskoka’s Inaugural World Film Festival | cinematic sound design DJ on outdoor stage
  • 2017/08/22 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, award nomination: Best Soundscape for sound design by Thillaye Productions
  • 2017/08/20 | promotional video for Playing With Fire glassblowing studio | video production and direction, video editing, voice recording, music composition, audio postproduction
  • 2017/08/15 | Alicia Cinnamon‘s album Queen Of The North | vocal recording, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/08/01 | Brian Asha single “You And Me Baby” | music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/05/26 | Brian Asha single “Livin’ For Saturday feat. Alicia Cinnamon” | music production, vocal recording, instrumental performance, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2017/04/15 | Amazon Adventure, SK Films | sound editing, prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)
  • 2017/03/06 | The Trolley That Saves the World, The Stephen Low Company | sound editing, special sound design, panning and prep for multi-channel mixing (IMAX Immersive)

Ongoing Activity

  • remastering/releasing of music catalog on Tape Life Records label; the first album is now available
  • developing signature sampler libraries in Kontakt

Project Archive

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