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Multibeat Creative is the hub of creative services offered by Toronto-based music and audio professional, Karl Mohr. Together with his colleagues, Mohr undertakes projects of expanding scale and complexity. Multibeat is competitively priced and works internationally.

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See below for our new kit of four major service areas.

Making Music Sound Better – Mix & Master

The obsessive fine details is where Multibeat really shines – mastering, mastering including analog summing from provided stems, mixing from raw tracks, mixing and mastering all inclusive. Many people today are making music – it’s staggering – but few are able to take their music properly into the professional sphere because their knowledge and skills end at the DAW. Someone working in Logic or Maschine or Ableton might not be able to take their laptop creation to a professional mix and polished industry-ready master. For Multibeat, this is a labour of love.

Here are some albums that Karl Mohr mixed and/or mastered: [image roll TBA]

Hot Pipes Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

A great vocal comes with years of dedicated practice, but the modern expectations of how a vocal gets from mouth-to-Spotify is simply overwhelming. Karl Mohr steps in for the ultimate in vocal production: starting with the spiritual motivations for singing in the first place, meditations on what the singer is singing, why and how the singing is undertaken, lyrical changes which aid delivery and bring out the essence of the piece and work with the song as a whole, melodic solidification, creation of character, building confidence, shaping phrasing and tuning – all of this is coaching leading up to the microphone. During the recording session, Mohr engineers with greatest care (in-house or at any studio around the world) and tightest precision with a microscope on every aspect of the performance. Building the song’s total vocal presence through vocal production includes crafting unisons and harmonies, shaping phrases and breathing, working with DSP effects. Naturally Hot Pipes (TM) finishes with Hollywood-grade vocal editing and mix including most attentive automation. Mohr’s system has built a number of powerful records and gained him glowing testimonials.

Here are some albums that Karl Mohr assisted the vocalist in Hot Pipes (TM) fashion: [image roll TBA]

Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote

People have really taken to the podcasting medium – it offers an engaging listener platform for content, whether informative, commercial, info-mercial, or just plain fun. The barriers to putting together a budget podcast are very low; taking it to the next level with a professional recording studio environment frees up the talent to focus on what matters most: a compelling performance and dynamic, interesting content. Multibeat can host a podcast session in-house, help book a studio appropriate to the podcast’s level and budget, and be present as a technical producer and engineering assistant. Karl Mohr is a masterful dialog, music and sound effects editor who weaves the multiple microphone podcast recording into a professional finished product, beautifully mastered to exceed commercial radio sound quality and to address the demanding specifications of the delivery platforms. Frequently-asked: does sound quality matter on podcasts? Absolutely! How great would it be to have someone show up at your recording location and take care of all the technical aspects for you and a few days later email you the finished, immaculate iTunes-ready file?

Here is a spotlight on Out Adventures, our latest podcasting success.

Sound Design/Sound Editing for Film, Television, Games

In the past, Mohr’s work included two decades of sound editing and multi-channel sound design for IMAX and other large format film formats. Mohr’s contributions to Thillaye Productions projects garnered many industry awards. His music composition work extended to film soundtracks as well. Between film jobs, his fill-in work included recording, mixing, mastering artists on album projects – a passion which has eventually taken over.

Mohr continues to be available for sound editing and extended sound design techniques duties on all media. He has an extended knowledge of film, video, timecode formats, conforms etc.

Here are some films, television shows and related projects that Mohr was involved with: [image roll TBA]

Your Latest Project – Ask!

Aside from these four core pursuits, Multibeat has worked on many types of music, audio and even video projects, Flash and motion graphics. We’ve certainly had all kinds of weird and wonderful requests over the years. Gget in touch to discuss your project.