Current Projects

Welcome to Multibeat Creative, the professional hub of Karl Mohr.  Essential services include audio postproduction for film and all media, sound editing & design, music mastering and mix, music composition, music production as well as palette of related services.  Working from Belleville, Ontario, Canada, these services are offered to the international market.  For back-history and CV, please visit Completed Projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • on-hold music and other assets for a top Asian NVOCC container shipping company
  • music production/mixing/mastering for Brian Asha singles
  • (TBC) sound editor on IMAX film about the Amazon
  • (TBC) sound editor on installation about a major sunk ship at a major Irish museum
  • (TBC) music production/mixing/mastering for upcoming Double Eyelid album
  • (TBC) assisting in major animation theme song pitch

Current Projects

  • company ID song for a top Asian NVOCC container shipping company
  • web updates and social network integration for artist Mr. Hydde
  • music production/mixing/mastering for Brian Asha single “Living For Saturday”

Recently Completed

  • 2016/07/26 | major mobile phone ad campaign | music composition, sound design
  • 2016/07/20 | Brian Asha singles “You & Me Baby”, “Pleasure Model”, “Caramel”, “Generation Angel” | music production, music mixing, music mastering
  • 2016/07/19 | Johnny Hollow music video/short film for Firefly | music mastering
  • 2016/07/19 | Johnny Hollow remix EP Mongrel | music mastering
  • 2016/07/16 | Johnny Hollow “I Am The Island” and “Bloodsuckers” song remixes (as the artist Dead Red Velvet) | music production, music mix, song remixing
  • 2016/06/29 | | WordPress support
  • Slutmother single “Lady Doll” | music mixing, music mastering
  • Carrie Beehan new album | music performance, piano & Haken Continuum fingerboard, music recording
  • Villain Media’s short horror film Stillborn | music composing, sound design, sound editing, foley, sound recording, re-recording mixing
  • TV series Toronah | music composition, music mixing
  • IMAX/Disney film about the International Space Station, A Beautiful Planet | special sound effects design, sound editing, audio post production math

Ongoing Activity

  • learning performance techniques and programming on the Haken Continuum fingerboard
  • remastering/releasing of music catalog on Tape Life Records label
  • developing signature sampler libraries

Project Archive

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