Karl Mohr in the sweet spot at Thillaye Productions Wallace-street studio, Toronto.

My schedule is currently block-booked until Winter 2014.  Please feel free to contact me to receive a written cost estimate on your future projects, or to arrange a meeting at the new Multibeat headquarters in Kensington Market.  For a much longer list of the deeper history, visit the Project Archive page, which includes a link to my CV.

Here are the projects I’ve recently taken on with Multibeat Creative (reverse-chronological order):

Upcoming Projects

Looking ahead:

  • music composing/sound design/re-recording mix for British psychological thriller, title TBA
  • vocal production/mixing/mastering on solo female EP, co-producing with Arunachal Subramanian
  • vocal production/recording/mixing/mastering singer/songwriter project for Christian Aldo
  • music composing/sound design/re-recording mix for short horror film Stillborn
  • mastering Johnny Hollow remix album follow-up to A Collection of Creatures
  • creating remix kits for Johnny Hollow A Collection of Creatures
  • music mixing/mastering for Brian Asha singles and debut album
  • creating remix kits for Double Eyelid Seven Years
  • music recording/production with Jazmine Morningstar

Current Projects

Currently involved in:

  • re-recording mixing/sound editing on a television series for Super Sonics Post Production
  • sound editing on television documentaries for Super Sonics Post Production
  • voice recording/ADR/location recording/sound editing & design/re-recording mixing on Jennifer Linton’s Toronto Alice stop motion animation short
  • music mixing/mastering on The Scarlet Fever‘s upcoming sophomore album

Recently Completed Projects

Fresh off the stove:

  • music composing/sound editing & design/foley artist/re-recording mixing on J.L. Munce‘s nature doc Algonquin Headwaters
  • vocal production/mixing/mastering on Lickpenny Loafer new album The Lens
  • music production/vocal production/guitar performance/mixing/mastering on Double Eyelid debut album release, Seven Years
  • music mixing/mastering on The Roncy Boys debut four-song EP release, It’s Time!
  • music mixing/mastering for Dean Hayze smash single “Lose Me”
  • music edit/re-recording mix on Scarlet Fever Indiegogo video pitch
  • location sound recordist/re-recording mixing on Scarlet Fever “Claim To Faim” live performance video

Other recent activity:


  • learning performance techniques and programming on the Haken Continuum fingerboard
  • Continuum Sounds – signature sound library in Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 format
  • Multibeat Records rebranding of full catalog from 1987 to present
  • miscellaneous voiceover recording (as talent)
  • research in sound design for videogames
  • audio therapy research

Project Archive

  • For a much longer list of the deeper history, please visit the Project Archive page.

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