Additional Services

Karl Mohr listening with headphones.

Multibeat Creative additionally provides the following services:

Professional Podcast Production (1410)

Record at pro studios or we come to you to record, with top class editing and mixing services. Podcast Recording – In-House, Pro Studio, or Remote. Read more about the range of technical, creative and budget options.

Hot Pipes™ (1420)

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – Record better vocal performances to tape. Reach the inner spirit of your song. Evoke your personal best take. for the Ideal Vocal Take

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

Hot Pipes™ – Your Personal Journey as a Vocalist.

Karl Mohr works with singers on getting to the core of their singer-being to deliver the most genuine song and performance within themselves. He also works in vocal production. In this capacity, he is all of: technician, coach, teacher, producer. If you want to sing better on your records, get in touch with Karl.

To hear some of the work Karl has done with singers, check out Chantal Thompson’s performances on the tracks “Surely We” and “Desert Land” on his Blue Visions album. You can also hear some interesting vocal work that Karl coached on Collider by The Scarlet Fever, Seven Years by Double Eyelid and his work with Brian Asha, such as his macho-a-gogo bravado on “I’m A Man“.

Karl Mohr takes his experience in music production, engineering, editing and working with singers and applies it to your song project – from the very reasons for your vocal expression in the first place, all the way to the final leveling of the perfect take

Hot Pipes™ Total Vocal Coaching – for the Ideal Vocal Take

A great vocal comes with years of dedicated practice, but the modern expectations of how a vocal gets from mouth-to-Spotify is simply overwhelming. Karl Mohr steps in for the ultimate in vocal production: starting with the spiritual motivations for singing in the first place, meditations on what the singer is singing, why and how the singing is undertaken, lyrical changes which aid delivery and bring out the essence of the piece and work with the song as a whole, melodic solidification, creation of character, building confidence, shaping phrasing and tuning – all of this is coaching leading up to the microphone. During the recording session, Mohr engineers with greatest care (in-house or at any studio around the world) and tightest precision with a microscope on every aspect of the performance. Building the song’s total vocal presence through vocal production includes crafting unisons and harmonies, shaping phrases and breathing, working with DSP effects. Naturally Hot Pipes (TM) finishes with Hollywood-grade vocal editing and mix including most attentive automation. Mohr’s system has built a number of powerful records and gained him glowing testimonials.

Here are some albums that Karl Mohr assisted the vocalist in Hot Pipes (TM) fashion: [image roll TBA]

he helps singers (and voiceover actors) connect with their ideal expression through his Hot Pipes program. This is vocal recording/engineering/production intersecting with vocal coaching and also examines aesthetic, compositional and even spiritual motivations. Chasing their ‘magic take’, every performer works to achieve the technically-best and truest-to-heart delivery – Mohr is a conduit for dynamic, expressive, project-appropriate expression and is relentless in achieving technical perfection. Quite often Mohr’s two disciplines combine, with an incoming near-completed music project undergoing some additional production work, an immaculate vocal or instrumental performance developed and recorded, which is then incorporated into the production, some additional mixing and analog summing, with a polished master finally emerging after some days of sonic rumination and tweaking. Each project requires its own evaluation and custom quote. See the testimonials section for the success stories.

Voice Talent Bank

Voiceover Artist Karl Mohr has a significant range and portfolio. (1430)

Multibeat also has a roster of additional male and female Non-Union Voice Talent for spoken/singing roles, at reasonable rates, as required. (1440)

Audio Services For Radio (1450)

Multibeat has a suite of Audio Services for Radio which are tailored specifically to radio broadcast/programs.

Audio Restoration, Cleaning, Denoising, Archiving (1460)

Alongside music mastering, Multibeat can bring back your ruined audio from the dead. Multibeat does all kinds of audio cleaning, surgery and restoration of sonic archives.

Music Editing, Drum Tightening (1470)

As well as traditional narrative music editing for film, we can work on individual tracks and parts with a very fast turnaround time. Especially effective is the cleaning up of sloppy drum parts, or conforming other instruments to the groove of the drum kit.

Education – Music Technology Lessons (1480)

Private one-on-one song workshops, production lessons and tutelage in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Kontakt, Maschine, Traktor, sound editing, mixing, and related instruction are available for an hourly fee. See the rates page for in-person and Skype/video call options.

Audio Formats & Transfers (1491)

Audio file conversions, batch conversions, sampler instrument/patch conversion, file management, audio file mastering – these are all miscellaneous tasks that Multibeat takes care of for you. We can transfer your analog sources into beautiful 192kHz 32bit files.

Audio Transcription (1492)

With a long history of audio logging and transcription for IMAX film productions, choose Multibeat for your next project where you need hard copy in the English language. All details of the soundscape can be rigorously described in the log. Conversions of field/location sound reports into text files or databases.

Audio Postproduction Geek Services (1493)

Pro Tools HD + Keyboard Maestro + FileMaker Pro Advanced + the biggest nightmares in the audio postproduction chain … who is going to sort this out?  Karl Mohr has 22 years’ experience in untangling film math, managing audio conforms between picture versions, extricating meaning from jumbled EDLs, and sleuthing camera rolls for sync audio.  If you need a tool — like foot control of your DAW, or a database to sort out your shots — Multibeat can get you sorted.

Video Production (1494)